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    Booking Instructions for Baltic Art Studio Classes:


    Classes #1 to #4 (Fused Glass Classes):

    Group Requirement: Ensure you have a group of at least 6 people (you can attend with fewer people by purchasing 6 tickets). The maximum group size we can accommodate is 20 people.
    Choose Class: Select the desired class from the available options.
    Check Baltic Art Studio’s calendar for dates and times.
    Registration Options: Call 773-526-1127 to register over the phone. Or send an email to [email protected] to book your spot.
    Purchase tickets by clicking the “sign up” button on the selected class.
    Confirmation: Upon purchasing a ticket, your class will be booked, and you’ll be all set to attend.

    Stained Glass Classes #5 and #6:

    Note: Classes #5 and #6 are specifically held on Saturdays.
    Check the Baltic Art Studio calendar to find suitable Saturdays.
    Register: Call 773-526-1127 to register over the phone. Or send an email to [email protected] to book your spot.
    Purchase tickets by clicking the “sign up” button on the selected class.

    Individual Class with Instructor #7:

    Duration: Sessions range from a minimum of 2 hours to a maximum of 4 hours.
    Skill Level: Recommended for beginner to advanced level students.
    Class Description: Practice stained, fused, and painted glass techniques one-on-one with professionals. Tailored to your specific project or learning goals.
    Booking Process: Contact Baltic Art Studio to schedule your session with Instructor #7. Discuss techniques or projects with the instructor and determine the required session duration.

    Following these steps ensures a successful booking experience at Baltic Art Studio. For further assistance, reach out to Baltic Art Studio via phone or email.

    Please note before purchasing!

    Class registrations and gift certificates expire 3 months after the purchase date.
    Gift certificates and purchased classes are not exchangeable and are not cash

    If you must cancel, class fees are refundable if we are notified at least 24 hours
    before a scheduled time. You must call or email to cancel the class. There is no
    refund for missed classes without prior notice.


    Instructor is not responsible if you are late. You must arrive on time you agreed. Please do not arrive earlier than 10 minutes before your class.
    If you arrive early contact your instructor or a team member by phone and ask if you may enter the studio earlier.

    Any extra time will be charged at $75.00 per hour per person in quarter hour increments.

    Classes offered by the Baltic Art Studio might change. You’re encouraged to sign up for the newsletter to receive regular updates and information about any changes or new offerings.

    Call 773 526 1127 to inquire about alternative dates/times


    Fused Glass Workshop

    Fused Glass Workshop #1: Frida

    In this class, you will create an 8″ x 8″ fused glass portrait of the famous female artist, Frida. You will use colored glass scraps and colored glass frit (crumbs) for the design. The instructor will assist you in cutting the glass and guide you through the process. Feel free to use your imagination and add your personal touch.

    Duration: 2 hours | Price: $75.00

    Fused glass class Cactus

    Fused Glass Workshop #2: Cactus

    In this class, you will design your own fused glass cactus. The instructor will guide you through the process and help you cut the glass, or you can use our pre-cut glass shapes and scraps. This beautiful cactus will make a nice decor for your home or office. You can bring your own pot to “plant” your cactus, or purchase a simple clay pot from us.

    Duration: 1.5 hours | Price: $48

    Fused Glass Workshop

    Fused Glass Workshop #3: Coaster

    In this class, you can create a very useful item – a coaster. Everyone likes to have a cup of their favorite hot coffee or tea near their working or relaxing space. You will use two layers of clear or white glass and colored glass scraps and frit to create your own design.

    Duration: 1 hour | Price: $45

    Fused Glass Workshop Holidays

    Fused Glass Workshop #4: Holiday Ornament Class

    Make your own Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, St. Valentine’s Day or other holiday fused glass ornament. Just bring your family and friends and have fun! You will decorate your ornament with your desired design, colors, and glass shapes. You can easily decorate our pre-cut squares of clear glass or pick different scraps and create any shape ornaments.

    Duration: 1.5 hours | Price: $55

    Stained Glass Suncatcher Workshop

    Stained Glass Suncatcher Workshop #5

    This is a wonderful opportunity to make a stained-glass suncatcher with a slightly “speed up” process. We’ve made it super easy for you by pre-cutting all the glass shapes. You can pick the pre-cut colored glass and use the lead came technique, solder it together to make a wonderful suncatcher. 

    Duration: 2.5 hours | Price: $85

    Stained Glass Project BAS

    Stained Glass Workshop #6

    This is a beginner’s stained-glass class. By the end of this class, you will have mastered all the necessary steps to create a stunning piece of stained-glass artwork. This will be a piece you can take pride in and display in your own home

    Duration: 4 hours | Price: $235

    Individual Class With Instructor #7

    Class recommended for beginner to advanced level students. Practice stained, fused and painted glass techniques one-on-one with the professionals of the craft.

    $90 per 1 hour

    Min – 2 hours, Max – 4 hours per class

    The tools and supplies will be provided by your instructor, who will coach you on safety in handling the materials. During the class, you will be introduced to glass design and fusing techniques. You will create fused glass ornaments for your pleasure and joy. After initial creation, it will take several days before your projects are ready because they need to be fired in a kiln prior to pick-up. Pick-up can be arranged at a mutually convenient later date, or please contact us for special arrangements. 



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    Baltic Art Studio is a professional member of the Stained Glass Association of America.