Owner and Glass Designer, MFA

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Short Story:

EVELINA MAYNER arrived in the US in 2007 after she had received her Master’s degree of Fine Arts from Vilnius University in Lithuania. Before coming to the US she studied in Austria and lived in Germany, Italy, Russia and Ukraine.

As soon as Evelina arrived in Chicago she joined one of the biggest companies of Architectural Arts in the US as a stained glass restorer. She worked on projects such as the Chicago Cultural Center, Tiffany dome restoration, Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago Museum of Science and Industry, New York Plaza Hotel and many other public and private stained glass restoration projects.

”Growing up in a Bohemian atmosphere and meeting my parent’s circle of famous artists, architects, actors and filmmakers probably made the biggest impact on my life and career” says Evelina.

From her earliest memories she was surrounded by very creative people and there was no doubt in her mind that she wanted to be an artist. To this day she does not regret for that choice at all.
“Art gives my life a creative meaning and a way to express my thoughts, feelings and emotions. I feel great satisfaction creating and sharing it with my colleagues and clients. My art is a way to express the things within me that I am unable to express with words” she says.

Evelina Mayner and her father Alfredas Sutkus founded Baltic Art Studio in 2010. She gets her biggest inspiration from traveling and living in different countries, exploring different cultures and visiting famous museums and galleries.


Stained Glass Restorer and Technician.

Short Story:

ALFREDAS SUTKUS has more than thirty-five years of experience working with various glass art techniques. He moved to the US from Europe, Lithuania, in 1997 and worked for one of the biggest Architectural Art Companies in the US.

Alfredas spent more than fifteen years touching up masterpieces of C. L. Tiffany, J. La Farge, F. Z. Zettler, F. Mayer, L. Sullivan, F. L. Wright, and many others.
“It is the greatest feeling to be a part of history and to be able to touch up and rehabilitate those gorgeous glass art pieces saving their beauty and grace for future generations”, says Mr. Sutkus.

Besides glass arts his greatest passion is aviation engineering. Since early childhood he drew airplanes and knew every model and make of almost every existing airplane. Just after the college he took his first job as an airplane mechanic at a local airport. Later Alfredas has become a pilot and a parachute enthusiast.
Alfredas is a big traveler. He doesn’t need a lot of comfort when travelling because his biggest goal is to see as much as possible. He would take his bag pack and camera and is set to go. He visited all national parks in US and all biggest cities in Europe. Alfredas is on a road trip almost every weekend.


Owner of ZWS Studio. Glass Designer, Restorer and Technician.

Short Story:

ZENONAS VAICEKONIS stained glass designer, technologist and inventor, is the founder of ZWS glass art studio in Lithuania, Europe. After he graduated from the College of Arts, Zenonas worked as a stained glass restorer and designer for the Heritage Preservation Organization in Lithuania. He is fascinated with glass technology and studies glass chemistry and physics to be on top of what is going on in the glass world, he openly shares his inventions with his colleagues and art students.

Zenonas remembers: “Thirty-five years ago when I first held a glass cutter and accomplished my first stained glass project I understood how fascinating glass technology is and that glass possibilities are endless. Since then, I’ve been focusing on the latest glass technology. It encourages me to create new, increasingly sophisticated and expressive glass art works”.
Zenonas has a big family. He likes to spend time with his beloved wife and colleague Rima and their three sons. They are fans of Lithuanian folk culture and you can often meet them at Folk festivals, craft fairs and other events.


Glass Designer and Graphic Designer of ZWS Studio.

Short Story:

RIMA VAICEKONIENE is a glass artist and graphic designer at ZWS studio in Lithuania, Europe. She is a very fast learner and self motivated artist. Rima’s work is recognizable by her high attention to detail and her very precise touch. She doesn’t look for quick results, instead she patiently spends hours until she is satisfied with the final project. Many of her glass ornaments and decorative interior elements are sold in galleries and home interior salons.

Her other passion is nature. “I like nature walks. I can see how the sun rays are joyfully playing in the water, on the leaves of trees, how they reflect in windows, even in people’s eyes. That inspires the creation of glass art works which reflect the sunlight with a pleasant joy to the eye” Rima says.
Besides her talent and art skills Rima loves helping people and taking care of her big family. Her house is not simply filled with art and crafts, her garden is always blooming with plants and flowers. You will often find her working with her husband Zenonas in their glass art studio.


Founder of LASMAN Jewelry, Mural Painting Restorer, MFA

Short Story:

MANTVYDAS LASINSKAS graduated from Vilnius University in Lithuania with an MA in Art History and mural painting (fresco) restoration in 2006. For a several years he worked as a mural painting restorer. Curently he is engaged in creating unique jewelry as founder of LASMAN Jewelry in the capital of Lithuania, Vilnius.

Mantvydas comes from a long line of artists. His parents currently work in the graphic design field and are involved in well known world wide art projects. He grew up in Vilnius just steps away from museums, drama and ballet theaters, and other cultural attractions. These surroundings had a significant mark on his later professional life and work.
Mantvydas’ inspiration is his family. He created his first necklace for his wife Milda. She was thrilled with her present and encouraged him to continue to create. Since then he has produced numerous collections and his exhibitions are usually sold out. While all women are unique in their own way his clients tend to be extravagant, courageous, and sophisticated. Any woman wearing Lasinskas jewelry will always stand out in a crowd.


Stained Glass Artist and Restorer, MFA

Short Story:

Mr. Volkovas graduated from Vilnius University in Lithuania with an MA in Art History, specializing in Stained Glass construction and design. He came to the US in 1990, working as an independent artist at numerous stained glass and architectural art companies. Working on restoration projects such as LC Tiffany, FL Wright, Sullivan and others gave him the experience as an excellent designer, and his educational background allows him to apply the most difficult techniques to achieve the most beautiful results.

As a stained glass artist Vitaliiuos likes to incorporate antique elements and use them for new contemporary designs. Vitaliiuos not only does the project, but he will guide his clients thru all processes, giving them creative ideas and inspiring them. There are no too big or too small jobs for him. He feels comfortable working on a scaffold removing huge stained glass windows from church buildings, as well as creating small pieces for private clients. His clients are always thankful for his ideas and advice.

Mr. Volkovas is passionate about music. In his college years he was part of one of the most famous Lithuanian rock bands. He still plays several music instruments. His beloved wife Rosita is a big fan of contemporary dance festivals. Since their two beautiful daughters are grown up,they have more time for themselves. The couple likes to visit downtown Chicago on weekends and enjoy the great Chicago cultural life.


Marketing Director

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Short Story:

INGA LASE is a marketing specialist from a Baltic country Lithuania and has over ten years of experience of marketing and management work. Inga studied Business Management and Administration in Lithuanian University of Sports. For two years she worked administrative work in a municipal organization, since 2007 her direction of work turned to tourism and business sectors in one Lithuanian district where she works till today.

At the end of summer of 2018 Inga became a Baltic Art Studio team member. She organizes new partner and new project search in Europe as in the US.
Besides success in a professional career Inga is a mother of three beautiful girls. “My Daughters are my biggest Motivation, Happiness and Joy in my life”, Inga says when talking about her purpose of life. She loves travelling with her family in their home country Lithuania. “Our roots and heritage are something to be proud of that’s why before exploring the rest of the world we want our girls to know Lithuania and feel proud of being descendants of the great Baltic civilization”.