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October 22, 2015
October 23, 2015
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This collectible art glass sculpture is beautiful stand-alone piece of art. This stunning design is actually embedded within the glass, not applied to the surface. Using a series of complex stencils, powdered enamel pigments are hand-applied between two layers of lead-free glass and kiln-fired at over 1,500-Degree Fahrenheit. The process fuses the glass and pigments together, permanently sealing in the design. This piece of glass art is signed by Evelina Mayner and made at Baltic Art Studio. Due to their hand-crafted nature, each piece has a unique character of bubbles and surface texture.

This blue/red glass Volcano sculpture unique design will surely catch your guests attention.

Measures approx. 18″ diameter x 24-inch height with a stand.

Perfect for display on a tabletop or shelf.

Lovely gift idea for housewarmings.

Design: Evelina Mayner

Production: Alfredas Sutkus


The item is packaged very carefully or the safest delivery. cost in US is $49.00