4 hours – $235 

This is a beginners stained glass class. At the conclusion of the 4 hour class, you will have learned all the steps needed to make a beautiful stained glass art piece, and you will have something you can proudly display in your own home.

Please note that this is a group class and the instructor will be demonstrating all steps to all students. Since total time is limited to 4.5 hours, you must be able to follow the instructions in a timely manner and be able to finish all steps in the time allowed by your instructor.Your instructor will not be working individually with each student.

This is a Saturday class with two 2- hour sessions and a 30 minute break. During the break you can relax and have a cup of coffee, chat with other students, make notes or practice learned steps.

All supplies and tools are included in the price. Class is suited for 3 to 6 people in a group. Your Instructor is not responsible if you are late or not following instructions. Students must be able to stand for 4 hours, must be able to lift and hold equipment and use heavy tools. Everyone signed up for this class must read and sign the Baltic Art Studio safety instructions.