We create original glass designs, in classic to contemporary styles. Bring us your idea, and we will advise you on the design and technique. We will collaborate with glass designers and architects from the USA and from Baltic countries.

We will manage your project from design to installation and completion. Being on top of what is going on in the glass world helps us give you ideas about many different possibilities to enhance and beautify your home in style and décor.

We are a family operated glass artist team. We create artworks using a number of techniques:

  • Stained glass,
  • Fused glass,
  • Hand painted glass,
  • Printed signs and graphic on glass.

We make stained glass panels, fused glass sculptures, decorative plates, bowls, souvenirs, and jewelry.

Our goal is to show the public that glass art can be an endless and joyous journey of creation.journey of creation.

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EVELINA MAYNER graduated from the Vilnius Art Academy with an MA in Art History and Stained Glass. There she studied not just various stained glass techniques but also painting, drawing, art history, history of cultures, civilization, philosophy and other subjects required for a professional artist. In the summer of 2001, she spent time studying painting and drawing at the International Summer Academy in Salzburg, Austria. In 2007 she moved to the US, working in the stained glass business of her father, Alfredas. Her biggest inspiration is from traveling and living in different countries, exploring different cultures and visiting famous museums and galleries. Evelina has lived in Lithuania, Ukraine, Russia, Austria, Germany and Italy, before she moved to the US.


ALFREDAS SUTKUS has more than 35 years experience working with various glass art techniques. He moved to the United States from Lithuania in 1997 and worked for one of the biggest Architectural Art Companies in the US. He spent more than 15 years touching up masterpieces of C.L. Tiffany, J. La Farge, F.Z. Zettler, F. Mayer, L. Sullivan, F.L. Wright, and many others. “It is a great feeling to be part of history and to be able to touch up and rehabilitate those gorgeous glass art pieces, saving their beauty and grace for future generations.”


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ZENONAS VAICEKONIS began his journey towards being one of the innovators of fused glass manufacturing techniques in Lithuania in 1982 as an employee in a stained glass restoration workshop in Kaunas, Lithuania.

Since then he has been practicing the art of stained glass for over 30 years.

Zenonas Vaicekonis has founded ZWS Studio where he creates his stained glass art and helps other artists realize their ideas.

His traditional stained glass art works decorate interiors of multiple churches in Lithuania and abroad. Notable works include stained glass in churches of Boston (USA), Svyriai (Belarus), and Lithuanian churches in Švėkšna , Plungė, Telšiai, Panevėžys, Klaipėda, Aliejai, Kolainiai, Raudondvaris, Panara.

Multiple works of modern stained glass art have been installed in private interiors as well as public institutions. http://www.en.zws-studio.com/lithuania-stained-glass/


MINDAUGAS VITKAUSKAS started working with stained glass when he was 17 years old. Later, studying at Vilnius Art Academy, he created his first big project- stained glass windows for Lithuania’s President’s summer residence in Nida, Lithuania. He executed quite a few private commissions in Lithuania, Russia, Spain, Denmark, etc.

Now artist works and creates in Evanston, Il. His studio’s Glass Magia spectrum of work varies from large scale religious and residential stained glass and mosaic projects to small painted glass miniatures. All the process -from the artistic idea to the installation is accomplished with great  attention to quality. European tradition melted with American experience allows the artist to achieve  impressive results. The clients can expect the highest level of artistic creativity and superior craftsmanship. http://glassmagia.com/about-us/

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